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Get to know our strategic bond fund. Bred to allocate across all fixed income markets. Built to stand up to market volatility.

Celebrating 5 years - Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and your clients may get back less than the amount invested.

Reasons to consider

Luke Hickmore & Roger Webb
  • An unconstrained approach to investing across the entire fixed income universe
  • Our managers are able to invest across all fixed income markets and take advantage of what they believe to be the best investment opportunities.
  • The Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund has a broader remit than many of its competitors – we can use derivative overlays to help minimize volatility with the aim of maximising returns and rebalance asset allocation cost-effectively.
  • Fund managers, Luke Hickmore and Roger Webb, have significant experience and form a formidable partnership. They are supported by Aberdeen's fixed income team, which is invaluable for investors when managers make calls on duration.

Fund information

Reasons why: Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund

Read about the benefits of strategic bond investing and learn more about the Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund and its flexible investment approach.

Monthly commentary

Monthly commentary

Read the latest Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund monthly commentary from Luke Hickmore and Roger Webb.

Strategic bond sector insights

Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund versus Goliath

Market events such as interest rate hikes in the US, the devaluation of the yuan and decreasing oil prices could be viewed as unconquerable giants, ready to swallow up investors who dare cross their path. However, this is not always the case.

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Evolution of the strategic bond sector

Parallels to Darwin's book can be drawn from fixed income markets. Investors keen to survive the ups and downs of financial markets have pushed the boundaries of bond investing far beyond a simple IOU.

Strategically strategic – Attractions of Strategic Bond funds

Strategic bonds funds have quickly become an important feature of many portfolios. Not all strategic bond funds are quite as 'strategic' as their title may suggest.

Why it's good to be selective

Typically, bond funds are constrained by the requirement to invest in a very small or explicit universe. This can leave investors exposed to significant degrees of market risk. However, this is a risk that can be mitigated.

Allocating across all fixed income markets

Watch this short video with the fund managers Roger Webb and Luke Hickmore in which they discuss the characteristics of the fund. The Fund is flexible in its approach and can use the full resources of Aberdeen Asset Management’s worldwide team of analysts and fund managers.

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